Lucid Surrender Now Available

Lucid Surrender from Onedoorland on Vimeo.

Entheo Lucid Surrender – $22 DVD or $10 HD Download
33 Minute Moving Mandala Journey set to the healing ambient tones of Entheo Music. DVD Includes 6 bonus videos featuring Entheo Acoustic and Electronic Music from OneDoorLand Synergenius Stew+Dios. Click “Buy Now” in the top right corner of the video for HD Download/Stream

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Brainwave Entrainment Devices

Just as yogis and athletes discover how to use muscles of the body that we previously unknown, these treatments teach you how to activate parts of your brain. We are told early on that our breathing and heart rate are involuntary operations, but this simply isn’t true. If you can control your breathing, you can control your heart rate. If you can control your heart rate, you can control the chemical responses in your brain. Brainwave Alchemy uses specific frequencies of sound and light to induce brainwave states, creating a door for digital meditation. You are under complete control and can dive as far down the rabbit hole as you are comfortable exploring. Like an inverted sensory deprivation tank, Brainwave Alchemy sessions stimulate all of your senses, shutting off the logical brain and allowing you access to altered states of consciousness. Close your eyes and let the lights take you on a visual journey through the labyrinth of your own mind.

Buy your own Procyon Light/Sound Machine. With 50 pre-loaded settings for brainwave entrainment, this is the premiere tool for your own mind training. This powerful light/sound machine has three color channels providing vibrant kaleidoscopic visuals. Our Personal Trainer of the Mind Package is $275 + Shipping! This package includes the Light/Sound Machine and Free Subliminal Phoenix Meditation DVD

Currently out of stock

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Lucid Surrender – DVD 2014

New Subliminal Phoenix DVD to launch this Spring in conjunction with Entheo Music ambient meditations and downtempo lovestep. Check out the latest track Lucid Surrender.

Dissolve and Recombine in the Victory of Love through the Vibration of Venus (221.23hz)
This Frequency Alchemy Experience induces an Theta Brainwave State, aligning you from cell to self to source within the soothing tones of Entheo and the entraining visuals of Subliminal Phoenix

This Journey lights up all seven energy centers, connecting the lower dantian of power and creativity with the heart center of surrender and the wisdom center of divine grace.

Ambient Soundscapes by Entheo Music –
Cymatic Mandalas and Fractal Animations by Subliminal Phoenix –
Dome Journey Produced at OneDoorLand Synergenius StewDios –

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Spinning Light

New Music Video from the Brothers of OneDoorLand! Josiah Akoya David Spins the magical Cyr Wheel to brand new electronica dance music by Theo of Entheo Music. Elijah of Subliminal Phoenix paints light with moving mandalas and weaves the story together. A tribute to the infinite spirals within us all, take a journey into the healing power of Spinning Light.


Spinning Light from Onedoorland on Vimeo.

Music “Mama Prima” by Entheo –
Performance by Josiah Akoya David –
Projections and Video by Elijah –

Special Thanks to Diamond Mike and Om Movement Studios –


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Cymatic Consciousness

Cymatic Consciousness

“Through Vibration comes Motion
Through Motion comes Color
Through Color comes Tone” -Pythagoras

Our Universe is composed of Light and Sound, two manifestations of vibration. A signal, frequency, Word is constantly moving through the infinite stretches of space. Every cell in the body, every particle of matter, every wave of energy. We are in constant motion, creating color and tone, light and sound. In the Beginning was the Word, a sound so great that it catalyzed the creation of our universe. Frequency carries with it the ability to reveal order within the apparent chaos of the infinite particles of matter, encoded in the primal pattern of all things. By utilizing the fundamental physics of light and sound we can access resonant frequencies governing the healthy, natural flow of life itself.

Cymatics is the Study of Sound and Vibration Made Visible. Named by Dr. Hanz Jenny after the Greek word “kuma” meaning wave or billow, describing the periodic effects that sound and vibration has on matter. Typically, this study is referring to observation of particulate matter and liquids on a plate, diaphragm, or membrane under the influence of sound. By vibrating these particles at specific frequencies, we can observe naturally forming geometric patterns, revealing the Natural Order.

Subliminal Phoenix utilizes the Power of Light to transmit information beyond words and story. Sacred Geometry, the Language of LIght, utilizes form and structure to encode data into our consciousness. Specific colors correspond to different psychological moods, states of being, or energetic centers of the body. Cymatic shapes trigger cellular reactions, coupled with the power of the sound that created the same shape. Light and Shadow create the illusion of our world, from the metaphysical idea of Maya to the physical and psychological reality of perspective.

Aligning you from Cell to Self to Source, these portals are designed with the transmission of Vibration As Medicine. By meditating on these portals, or using them on your altar, you call in the vibratory pattern of that particular frequency to aid in spiritual transformation. These have been designed with the upmost care and intention, carrying the frequency of love and compassion as we enter into the phoenix fires of our own self-liberation.

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Entheo Beauty and Truth

Latest Collaboration with Entheo Music

Cymatic and Sonic Entrainment set to the Harmony of the Spheres. This Journey is the Path of Splendor, using the Frequency Orbit of the Planet Mercury (141.27Hz), opening the Throat Chakra.

Beauty and Truth (Excerpt) from Subliminal Phoenix on Vimeo.

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Intro to Frequency Alchemy – Portland OR


Join us Thursday 4/25 in the Indralaya Light Sound Dome for an Explanatory and Experiential introduction to the power of Vibrational Medicine and Meditation. 12 Participants will be go on a journey of Frequency: learning about the healing principles of light and sound, sacred geometry, cymatics, and our connection to celestial circuitry. Elijah combines this mytho-poetic lecture with experiential journeys using the Indralaya Planetarium moving mandalas, solfeggio tone soundscapes, and Procyon Light Sound Machines for brainwave entrainment.


Thursday (4/25) – 7:30pm-10:00pm – $22 – 12 Tickets Available

Reserve your spot by sending PayPal Donation or Email to





From Ancient Times, human beings have been transformed by the Power of Light and Sound. Pythagoras, a student of Egyptian and Greek philosophy, and founder of one of the first Mystery Schools for Sound Healing discovered the power of science and spirituality merging to heal through the Music of he Spheres, the song of the universal planets and mathematical harmony here on Earth. Many cultures practice the healing arts of sound and light, a sacred science that affects this physical world through the use of vibration and frequency. The beating of the Shaman’s drum and the flickering firelight transported humans into deep trances of spiritual and physical healing. The ringing bells and bowls of the Tibetan monks re-align the cosmic connection within the organic temple of the Body. The Gregorian Chants echoing on the walls of divine architecture, aided by the colored light filtered through stained glass, Templates for Alignment with Spiritual Love. The transmission of heightened consciousness through the creation of Art, Geometry, and Breath. Cultures from all time and space have found the connection between movement, breathe, light, and sound to activate a spiritual connection, and raise the vibration of the human body. The Modern Age has developed new tools to access these subtle vibrations, evolving with us as we learn to activate higher states of consciousness as a collective organism. Biofeedback reminding us how to breathe in unison with our own body’s natural rhythm. Science reveals to us the mathematical connection between our personal rhythm, and the rhythm of the planets – confirming the ancient understanding of the Music of the Spheres. This Sacred Science is an alchemy of past and future, of east and west, of heart and mind. It is the Art of Frequency, elevating each particle in the fractal. Together we can rise as a cohesive organic geometry, filled with beauty, purpose, and unity.


Frequency Alchemy is an Experience, revealing the medicine of vibration through intermodal healing arts. Personal Sessions of sound healing, vibrational alignment, brainwave entrainment, and transformational counseling offer you the tools of Introspective Archeology to access deeper parts of your own true nature. Group Experiences create the alchemical container for group Lucid Dreaming, Vibrational Journeys, and Activating Cohesive Group Creativity. Within Structures of Sacred Geometry, The Frequency Alchemy Experience combines cellular activations of tuned fields of light and sound, celestial connection through sonic symphonies of the stars, immersive planetarium projections of cymatic mandalas mirroring the vibrations of the music, and interactive transformational movement and breathwork.

Intro Workshop – Thursday 4/25 7-9:30pm, $22

Personal Sessions – $33 Assessment session, $90 1.5 hour sessions, Equivalent Exchange or Sliding Scale available upon request


For More Information on Brainwave Alchemy using Light Sound Machines visit

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Official Release of Fractal Philosophy Oracle Deck


$33 – Includes 20 Printed Oracle Cards and Digital Download Pack

(All 20 Images + 13 Page PDF Booklet)

Aligning you from Cell to Self to Source, this 20 card Mandala Oracle Card deck is a journey through the 7 Chakras, the 7 Processes of Alchemy, and the Cyclical Nature of Life. Included in this package is a Digital Download Archive of all 20 mandala images in .jpg format, as well as a PDF GuideBook for your exploration of Fractal Philosophy. Every purchase will go towards supporting Subliminal Phoenix and the continued creation of Vibrational Medicine through Frequency, Art, Light, and Sound. These portals are designed with the transmission of Vibration As Medicine. By meditating on these portals, or using them on your altar, you call in the vibratory pattern of that particular frequency to aid in spiritual transformation. These have been designed with the upmost care and intention, carrying the frequency of love and compassion as we enter into the phoenix fires of our own self-liberation.

Each Fractal Mandala is a translation of Frequency through Light and Sound using the power of Solfeggio Tones, Planetary Frequencies, Chakra Resonance, and the Visual Shape of Cymatic Vibrations.


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Brainwave Fitness 101 Portland

Come and explore the four major brain wave states
and learn more about how your MIND
consciously and sub consciously Affects Your Reality!

Journey into your own MIND, and
become aware of the things that Govern Your Behavior.

Experience Light Sound Machines as a tool
for accessing your Meta MIND!

Learn how you can be More FOCUSED, ALERT, and RECEPTIVE in your studies or work, be More CREATIVE in all aspects of your life, take your Yoga and Meditation practice to a deeper level and Fully RELAX, or simply get Consistent Deep SLEEP.

* $10 Suggested Donation *


Visit for more Info and Directions


Jason Parker is an expert in brainwave entrainment.

Certified in HRV biofeedback, Quantitative EEG, and neurofeedback, Jason has been working with whole brain health training techniques utilizing light and sound technologies for over ten years; using biofeedback to chart the results. Jason has worked with various non-profits providing personalized visual meditation treatments for recovering addicts with great success and has created stress reduction protocols for fireman, police, and war veterans. He is a pioneer in the field of Personal Mind Training using audio visual entrainment technologies, biofeedback, and relying on classical conditioning to teach people to gain conscious control of their breathing, heart-rate, and brainwaves. Jason is currently volunteering with Siloam Services, providing anger management, digital mindfulness training, and stress management in recovery and re-entry programs for veterans, and those recently out of incarceration with stress and addiction issues.


Learn more @

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The Harmony of the Spheres

Subliminal Phoenix Ambient Soundscapes utilize Pythagorean Technique to Invoke the power of the Harmony of the Spheres.
Find out more in our first Album/eBook pack “Calcination”
Here is another Type of Application of Pythagorean Sound Healing from our Friend Dr. James Hopkins.

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